• Arvid Schneider

  • Senior Lighting TD | LookDev

My name is Arvid Schneider, I was born and raised in Namibia, where I also started with 3D. After college I went to Germany and studied Digital Film & Animation where I received my Bachelor of Arts in April 2011. During studies I was already busy working as a freelancer for several 3D Animation studios in Germany including Capture-mm, Brainpool, Cape Cross, Blanx, RTT, Pixomondo and Ambient Entertainment. Recent companies I worked for, Mark13, Trixter Film, MPC, Cinesite, ILM.

Experienced Senior LookDev & Lighting TD |more than 8 years commercial and visual effects experience.

Development: Show TD | Bridge between artists and core development team

Specialisations: Maya, Katana, Nuke, Mari, Photoshop

Renderer: RenderMan, Arnold, Vray

Scripting: Python, PyMel and MEL, CPP, Swift

Contact me directly: arvidschneider at gmail.com

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