Arnold 5 and upcoming tutorials

Hello Ladys and Gents!

As the majority already knows, Arnold 5 ( Arnold core version 5.0 and MtoA version 2.0) has been released with a lot of new features and improvements to the already great render engine.

Please follow this link for an in depth article about all the new features shaders and settings

YouTube related tutorials

I have started out the arnold series with the first video of MtoA 101. The last video in this series is MtoA 125. The reason for it being the last one is because arnold 5 was released and I want the viewers to be able to easily differentiate between the core versions in my videos. So the series starting with MtoA 1.xx is related to arnold 4, and everything starting with MtoA 5.xx is related to the new arnold5. Below you can find the first video in that series which is an introductory video to the new aiStandardSurface shader for arnold

I am still continuing the Material Series with the same version number of MtoA 2.xx and I will make the viewers aware of which arnold version I am using. But you can be sure that from now on every single tutorial will be done with the new version.

Future content

So a few of my viewers have request more advanced content on how to create a realistic shader. They wont be disappointed, as I am working on  a more advanced course which incorporates textures, grading of those textures, bringing in substance designer as well as mari. But before all that is being published, I will create beginner to intermediate content to bring everyone up to speed so people can follow along.


Thanks for taking the time to read through.