arUtils 0.1.4 Update

We just have rolled out a major update for the arUtils package. Lots of enhancements and bug fixes.
Maya 2016 support and Color Management.

version changes

  • bugfix: error when storing settings in arViewportRender
  • bugfix: error with using arUtils when QDarkstyle module already exists in the PYTHONPATH
  • bugfix: viewport render region not startable when camera filmtranslate attribute is locked
  • bugfix: viewport render region doesn’ keep the current selection when openig
  • bugfix: fixed display gamma issues in the viewport render region when using Maya’s defaultViewColorManager
  • bugfix: calling viewport render region multiple times causes errors
  • bugfix: animated region not able to render when used the first time
  • bugfix: arMaterialIdManager id assignments failed on referenced shaders
  • bugfix: arMaterialIdManager deletes aovs and aiWriteColors in a safer way
  • enhancement: Maya 2016 supported now, including custom LUT usage and Mayas View Transform
  • enhancement: option to reinitialize the viewport render region at latest position
  • enhancement: increased handle- and iconsizes on viewport render region
  • enhancement: introduced option “bucketSize” and “threadCount” in arOptions. This will let you start the viewport render region with a threadcount override to run Maya more smoothly and let you choose the bucketsize independently from your global rendersettings
  • enhancement: animated region is abortable now
  • enhancement: alTriplanar support in arTextureSwitch
  • enhancement: warning dialog if you’re saving the scene while the render region is open