ILM Vancouver

After being almost two months in Vancouver I found some time to write up my first impressions in general and about ILM.


The first thing which pops to my mind is Nature. If you like nature and being outdoors Vancouver is made for you. You have so many possibilities to explore the nature, and most of the things are really close by. Fancy a little after work snowboard session, its a 30 minute drive and the slopes are open till 11pm (Big flood lights). More a hockey guy? you are in the mecca. Here are so many teams in different levels, if you fancy it, you can play hockey every day. In my first week here I found my team, and I had already quite a few games.  Hiking, zip lining, relaxing on the beach, swimming its all there.

Comparing Vancouver to London its like night and day. London is very past paced, people are grumpy because they need to get on that train which is full to the brim, people bump in to you, everything is compacted, even the streets and buildings. All the buildings are very old, moldy, dark and expensive. I was 2 years in London, and lived in a 12sqm apartment with kitchen and shared bathroom, though people say it was a good deal, for me 900 GBP for that is hell of a lot.

In contrast, Vancouver is quite the opposite (except the rent prices). Canada in general is a huge country, and BC (British Columbia) as well. Which means lots of space, very wide streets, most of them are 3 lanes ( in the city) and people are not crowded together. Vancouver in general is a very new city, which means most of the buildings are new and modern. And the big rises have lots of great amenities. While the rent is expensive, you definitely get what you pay for, its almost luxurious. Living costs are expensive, but its kind of the same as in London, eg. a pint costs 4CAD.

So to bring it all together, based on my experience, Vancouver is a very great city, and its full of things to explore. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to get away from fast paced big cities like London or Paris.

Working at ILM

For most of us, working at ILM is a dream job, and for me that day came earlier than expected. When I got the offer, I was pretty exited, it was very short notice, but I packed up my things (nomad life) and planned the journey across the ocean. Most of it was a pretty smooth ride, I was a bit concerned about finding a place to stay, but I got lucky and found a very nice apartment in Downtown. The first week was getting to know the pipeline, we got lots of training sessions and had to soak up lots of information. Working here now for 2 months, I can say everything is very well structured and well organised. Though they have some old in-house software ( which could get some ui updates), everything is working pretty smooth. People here are very friendly and professional, and all that knowledge is shared. Obviously I cant go into much detail here, but what I can say the Vancouver office is at a very great location with a nice panoramic view of the northern mountains.