Welcome to this exciting training video, where I will show you how to create very realistic grass in an very easy way. I will use the rendering plugin VRay for maya, and its included Fur render to create an animation with moving grass. For the result have a look at the final rendering, vimeo.com/41833562

Other than the creating of Fur I will give you an detailed insight on how I create Scenes, including Linear Workflow (LWF), my Render settings and my overall Lighting and Shading.

If you are interested in the Scene Files, visit my Dropbox. dropbox.com/sh/b794iu1pkxcv9r9/3YeZSeNCgD

If you dont have Dropbox, register here for free: db.tt/IHNEOgCx
Sorry for the loud mouse clicks..My mic, is super-sensitive. Next time you wont hear a thing, because I will work with my tablet from now on 😉

If you have any question, please dont hesitate to ask. And if you have ideas for tutorials, I am very keen to help.